Manufacturer Of Wedding Accessories

The brand

We are an exclusive distributor of wedding dresses and manufacturer of accessories aim to design the ultimate collections for customers not only in Europe but around the world too.

Our primary goal is to provide stylish, fashionable and top quality products at very competitive prices.

Our collections include a wide selection of essencial accessories (jackets, petticoats and veils) in order to compliment the Bride as well as our new Nabla dresses collection which are made to a high quality with great attention to details.

We are committed to our Staff making sure our designers and production team are highly skilled, well trained and are happy in their work environment. Providing modern machinery and integrating new technologies into our training process allows us to keep up to date with new ideas and designs.

We ensure that the textiles we use for our items are sourced from the best textiles manufacturers available and we regularly arrange visits to their sites to make sure their values and commitments are in line with ours.

Our collections are appreciated by customers Worldwide and we are proud that we can make any Brides day a little bit more special.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you

Lacey Bell Team